We Get It Done - Since 2013

Only Haptik has built its platform on the back of having done it ourselves
Launched B2C Personal Assistant App

• 0% Automation

• 100% Human Agents

A direct to consumer concierge service in Asia
Crossed 10Mn Active Users

• 80% Automation

• 450+ Contact Center

One of the world’s largest chat based concierge platforms
Opened the Technology for Enterprise Partners

• White Labeled Solutions

• Customer Service Chatbots

Full-stack Conversational AI platform leveraging real consumer interactions
Introduced Customer Success and Analytics

• 100+ Enterprise Partners

• $100M Strategic investment

One of the largest and most well funded conversational AI platforms globally
Established US and APAC operations

• 1Mn+ Queries in a day

• Commerce AI

Intelligent Virtual Assistant platform to increase sales and save costs

AI built & trained for specific use cases

Only Haptik has built the entire AI product suite independently for each specific use case


Sales live agent

• Domain Specific Knowledge graph

• AI Optimized Product Recommendations

• Intelligent Prompts

• AI Lead Scoring Engine


Customer Care

Customer Service chatbot

• Entity and intent detection defined process flows

• Smart Agent Routing

• Deep CRM and Contact Center Integrations

• CSAT Score

Agility of a Startup, Resources of an Institution.

Only Haptik builds from within the Enterprise, leveraging the benefits of a long-term alliance with one of the world’s largest conglomerates.
Haptik's chatbot for businesses Haptik's chatbot for businesses


Only Haptik provides a home-grown, real-time analytics platform that comes with a dedicated Business Intelligence team.

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