1.5 Billion Users are on WhatsApp.
Are you?

Support, Engage and Notify users on the world's largest messaging channel

Why use WhatsApp Business?

Available in 180 countries

Scale up customer support

Secure and private communication

Drive 1:1 engagement with your customers

Smarter and Faster Customer Service

Offer Support and Build Engagement

24x7 Customer Service
Resolve queries one-to-one through AI-powered chatbots or Live Agent Chat
Reduce costs by deflecting traffic from other channels (e.g. call centres)
24 hour window to respond after user-initiated message
Send customers the information they need through templated messages
Notify customers about booking confirmations, OTP’s, transactions, upcoming appointments, deliveries and more
Build a one-to-one connect with your customers

Engage & Serve Customers Anytime, Anywhere

With the WhatsApp Business API, you can significantly scale up and enhance your customer service, with the ability to reach out to your customers 24x7, anywhere across the globe.

WhatsApp drives higher delivery, open and conversion rates as compared to other messaging channels.

Case Study

Problem One of India’s leading hotel chains needed a platform which would allow their guests to reach out to them for support in real-time. Guests usually required help with accessing information regarding hotel policies, and making, modifying or cancelling bookings. Solution By leveraging Haptik’s Conversational AI platform, and the WhatsApp Business API, the hotel chain was able to seamlessly connect with guests over WhatsApp, and achieve a significant reduction in calls to customer care.



User-initiated messages received

69 seconds

Query Resolution Time


Users per month

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