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Why Conversational AI?
Inform potential customers about destinations and products/services
Swiftly respond to customer queries 24x7, before, during and after trips
Offer recommendations to customers based on availability and preferences
Engage with leads at every stage of the purchase funnel - from enquiry to booking
Integrate tightly with your own CRM and reservation systems
Use cases for Travel & Hospitality
Bot Use cases

Travel Planning

Bot serves as a virtual travel agent and shares suggestions based on users' travel preferences


Answer FAQs and queries related to your service

Booking Support

Handle end-to-end support over chat using bots and human agents

Availability Status

Inform customers about availability of rooms, flights, etc.


Recommend the right package, property or holiday destination based on user profile

CRM Integration

Directly create tickets for offline resolution of user queries

Refunds and Cancellations

Automate the handling of refunds and cancellations

Trip Information

Keep users informed about the details of their journey, check ins, flight status etc.

Human Chat

Route complex queries to human agents in real time

Industry Case Studies, Blogs & News

  • Text-on-Image


    A Travel Industry Revolution: The Chatbots

    The travel industry is increasingly adopting AI-powered chatbots. Learn about the benefits of deployment, existing limitations, and future expectations, of chatbots in the tourism sector.

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    Tech Blog

    4 Ways Chatbots Are Transforming the Travel Industry

    The use of chatbots can be highly beneficial to travel industry players and travelers alike. Here are four ways chatbots are transforming the travel industry.

  • AWS

    Tech Blog

    Chatbots for Travel and Tourism – Comparing 5 Current Applications

    Travel chatbots, often referred to as "virtual travel agents" are becoming increasingly prevalent in the tourism sector. Here are some examples of successful travel bots from across the globe.

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