Conversational AI Built For Scale

Leverage the intelligence of more than 3 Billion interactions across all consumer touchpoints

Robust NLU Engine

Model built using 3 billion+ consumer data points

  • Handles sales and customer care queries uniquely
  • Intent and Language detection
  • Multilingual support
  • Bot personality & tone adaptable to context


NLU engine for sales

Customer Care

nlu engine for customer care

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Reach out to customers on the platform and medium of their choice

  • Omni-channel dialog builder tool
  • Native SDK integrations for Website, Android, iOS apps
  • Engage customers across 3rd party chat and voice platforms
swift dialog builder tool

Dialog Builder

Simple and powerful tool to design, build and maintain IVAs

  • Swift development using pre-defined templates
  • Integrate dynamic APIs for Complex Use Cases
  • Build and deploy in less than 4 hours

Customer Care

Web interface for intervention by human agents and monitoring conversations

  • Auto-routing of complex chats from AI to agents
  • Measure agent productivity & efficiency
  • In-built monitoring, escalation, and teams feature
live agent chat tool

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time conversation metrics to measure and improve AI accuracy

  • Review and fix issues real-time within minutes
  • Analyze Conversation Funnels and Drop-offs
  • Get Alerts for trending customer issues
analytics dashboard for conversational AI


Secure, private, encrypted communication at scale

  • GDPR Ready
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Penetration Testing and Security Audit of SDKs
  • Stringent access control policies
enterprise grade conversational AI

CRM Agnostic

Flexible integrations into any existing CRM platform

  • Simple API connectors that require no coding
  • Any type of booking or support or records systems
  • Response times of under 1 second
easy integrations across CRM platforms
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HSL elements, Integrations and the technology that powers them.
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