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Conversational AI Built For Scale

Leverage the intelligence of more than 3 Billion interactions across all consumer touchpoints

NLU Engine

  • State of the art algorithms to add intelligence to the bots
  • Language Detection
  • Domain Classification
  • Intent Identification Named Entity Recognition
  • Multi-lingual support for ML models Bot personality & tone adaptable to context


• Domain Specific Knowledge graph

• AI Optimized Product Recommendations

• Intelligent Prompts

• AI Lead Scoring Engine


Customer Care

• Entity and intent detection process flows

• Smart Agent Routing

• Deep CRM and Contact Center Integrations

• CSAT Score

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Reach out to customers on the platform and medium of their choice

  • Omni-channel dialog builder tool
  • Native SDK integrations for Website, Android, iOS apps
  • Engage customers across 3rd party chat and voice platforms

Dialog Builder

Simple and powerful tool to design, build and maintain IVAs

  • Swift development using pre-defined templates
  • Integrate dynamic APIs for Complex Use Cases
  • Build and deploy in less than 4 hours

Live Agent Chat

Web interface for intervention by human agents and monitoring conversations

  • Auto-routing of complex chats from AI to agents
  • Measure agent productivity & efficiency
  • In-built monitoring, escalation, and teams feature

Analytics Dashboard

Real-time conversation metrics to measure and improve AI accuracy

  • Review and fix issues real-time within minutes
  • Analyze Conversation Funnels and Drop-offs
  • Get Alerts for trending customer issues


Secure, private, encrypted communication at scale

  • GDPR Ready
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Penetration Testing and Security Audit of SDKs
  • Stringent access control policies

CRM Agnostic

Flexible integrations into any existing CRM platform

  • Simple API connectors that require no coding
  • Any type of booking or support or records systems
  • Response times of under 1 second
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