• Vinod Rajput

    Thanks for sharing this info , excellent article ! I am technical enthusiast, interested in telecom and IoT domain. Although could not get much time to try out some coding , I do keep updated my self on this area.Early days I have worked on Microsoft RTC SDK , latter to be known as UC (Unified communication )SDK. so somehow had bit understanding of Messaging and SIP .
    Cheers !

  • Utkarsh

    Nice article Viraj!

  • Shashank

    Its good to see Mqtt being used by companies outside the IoT domain. It would be interesting of you can publish a blog about the implementation of Mqtt service in your Android and iOS clients. I want to know how you deal with maintaining a persistent connection and at the same time use low bandwidth/battery.

    Also, thanks for giving a heads-up regarding the drawbacks of XMPP.


    I would be interested in Haptik services. Please contact me at the earliest

  • Saloni

    Would be good to see some data around perf improvements realized thru the switch

  • Anirban Roy Das

    Great post. So what is qos that is used in haptik? Also how are you managing duplicates if you are using qos=1?