Customer support is hard and expensive. Haptik's Support Bots make customer service scalable and easy with its hybrid Bot + Human approach. Let the Bot handle simple repetitive queries and auto-route the complex queries to trained human agents. Haptik's Support Bot helps you scale support and win customer loyalty and trust.

World's First Bot + Human Hybrid Approach

  •  Support Bots trained to handle user queries across channels
  •  Repeat high volume queries addressed by the Bot
  •  Complex queries routed to human agent

Scale Customer Support

Hybrid bot

Hybrid Approach

Let the Bot handle high volume queries and the human agents the complex ones. Best of both worlds!


Seamless Integration

Pull data from your systems to address and resolve user queries immediately


Scale with Time

The Bot learns with time and addresses more customer queries. Scale your support, not the team!


Auto-Routing of Queries

Our patent pending routing mechanism automatically picks the right agent for queries the Bot can't answer

How Dream 11 scaled their customer support by 30X during IPL 2018, India's biggest sporting event

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