Customer service is a great way to earn customer trust and loyalty. But providing a great customer experience can be difficult and expensive. Most companies invest substantial time and money in training staff to respond to customer queries, 80% of which are repetitive. Haptik’s Support Bots make customer service scalable and easy, with our unique Bot + Human hybrid approach. Our AI-powered chatbots address simple, repetitive queries, while our live agent chat interface immediately routes complex queries to human agents.

Improve Customer Experience with Bot + Human Hybrid Approach

  •  Omni-Channel Support
    •  Support Bots can be deployed to handle customer queries across all digital channels e.g. website, apps, messaging platforms
    •  Integrates seamlessly with third-party CRM systems (e.g. SalesForce, ZenDesk, Zoho) for easy customer data management

  •  Scale Support, Not People
    •  Simple, repetitive Level 2 queries, FAQs are addressed by the chatbot
    •  Bot learns to respond to more query types over time, thus increasing automation

  •  Live Agent-Chat Interface
    •  Intelligent auto-routing of complicated queries to live agents for more detailed attention
    •  Measure productivity and efficiency of human agents

Scale Customer Service

Livechat bot

Hybrid Approach

Bot handles high volumes of simple repetitive queries and FAQs, while human agents handle complex queries. Auto-routing mechanism allocates conversations to available agents if bot is unable to satisfactorily resolve the customer query.


Seamless Integration

Bot can be deployed across any digital platform, and integrates seamlessly with your CRM systems - pulling data to address and resolve customer queries immediately.


Scale Up with Time

Bots are trained over time to respond to more query types without human intervention. This leads to increased levels of automation and accuracy, thus enabling scaling up of customer service.


Live Agent Intervention

Live agent can take over conversation and resolve complex queries that the bot cannot, thus ensuring a good customer experience. The live agent chat interface can also monitor agent productivity and efficiency.

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How Haptik Helped Scale Dream11’s Customer Support by 30x During IPL 2018

Dream11 needed a customer support solution to help them handle the massive spike in customer queries anticipated during the IPL season. Read the case study to learn how Haptik’s Support Bot was deployed to effectively scale up Dream11’s customer service

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