Lead Generation

24/7 sales agent to answer FAQs and convert passive website visitors into interested customers, address FAQs and recommend products.


online shoppers find product search & navigation frustrating


customers don’t transact online due to unanswered FAQs


consumers want customized product recommendations


Increase in lead conversion rate for a leading Asian home loan brand


Increase in average order value for a water purifier brand


Increase in annual business for a multibillion travel company

Reduce bounce rate with Intelligent Prompts

Connect with visitors that are close to making a purchase or are about to bounce off with Intelligent Prompts to increase conversions. Share offers, product recommendations, discounts, or simply let them know you’re happy to help.

Recommendation Engine to improve conversions

Our AI-driven recommendation engine helps you truly understand user intent to provide expert-like guidance to nudge visitors ahead in the buyer’s journey. It automatically matches user requirements with your product catalogs, description, customer reviews and other website data to help you convert passive visitors into engaged buyers.

Smart Agent Routing for upsell

Haptik’s AI is equipped to resolve 80% of user queries and automatically routes complex purchase requests to your support agents based on their skill sets and current chat load.

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Upgrade your Customer Experience with Conversational AI