Customer Care

Customer care chat on your website, mobile app and messaging channels, using AI to lighten the load on your live agents via one seamless system.


Customer care requests are routine, repetitive queries

2+ Hours

Daily time spent by 1 Billion+ people on messaging apps


Faster resolution of requests on chat vs other mediums


Reduction in cost per query for the world’s 3rd largest hotel chain


Increase in CSAT for a leading digital media platform


Savings across support operations for a fantasy sports website

Smart Agent Routing for complex queries

On average, Haptik’s AI is equipped to resolve 80% of customer queries, and automatically routes complex issues to your support agents based on their skill sets and current workload.

100+ UI Elements + Custom Configurations

Our chat SDKs are powered with built-in UI capabilities including image carousels, video thumbnails, quick reply buttons, contextual bot prompts, store locators, and more, making it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your customers.

90%+ NLU Accuracy

Haptik’s NLU (natural language understanding) continues to set new industry standards for accuracy. Our model is able to comprehend human emotions, make small talk, identify profanity, and detect gibberish--all of which facilitate richer customer insights while ensuring a top-notch user experience.

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