Customer Support

Conversational IVR

Voice assistant for resolving first level support requests with deep integration into contact center systems.


people will switch to a competitor after a poor customer service experience

1 in 5

Customers Hang Up in Frustration


faster resolution of requests by AI vs. live agents


Reduction in support costs for the world’s 2nd largest telecom operator


Increase in CSAT for leading life insurance provider


savings in support operations for a broadband company

IVR application plugins

Haptik seamlessly integrates with your existing contact center operations. The system is modular to plug and play whichever way you want. You can choose to use the entire system for end to end operation management or simply plug in the Conversational IVR into your existing systems.

Multi & Mixed Languages

Effectively communicate with users in the language they are most comfortable with. Our linguistic models can detect when a user speaks in duplex, hybrid, or mixed languages (for e.g. English + Spanish) to truly understand user intent and deliver accurate and valuable query resolution.

Dialog Builder

Our robust dialog builder equips you to handle end-to-end management operations by building systematic flows to resolve requests. Moreover, it also allows you to interconnect the flows and provides context-switching, making inter-departmental processes seem like a breeze.

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