Conversational Commerce

Voice enabled recommendation engine serves as your very own expert shopping assistant that helps drive transactions across all digital sales points.


Increase Y-o-Y in voice-driven product search


Customers don't transact online due to unanswered FAQ's


Consumers want customized product recommendations


Increase in online orders for one of the world’s top 5 QSR chains


Increase in retention for a multi-brand retailer


Increase in annual sales for a smartphone brand

Influence user buying patterns with our AI powered Recommendation Engine

Truly understand user requirements and provide expert-like guidance to nudge visitors ahead in the buyer’s journey. Our intent-based recommendation engine helps you automatically match user requirements with your product catalog, descriptions, customer reviews and other historical data to offer relevant buying guidance and increase conversions.

Sales driven NLU Engine

The way users interact with businesses largely depends on the task they’re trying to fulfill. Having a simple ‘task completion’ approach to conversational flows breaks user-experience and causes drop-offs. Our NLU Engine is designed to create custom flows based on user intent across different tasks. It builds a knowledge repository of all your inventory using several data points and recommends options that best fit the user’s specific requirements.

Enhance user experiences with Speech to Text

Digital Assistants and smart speakers are transitioning the way customers shop online, making the shift towards a no UI ecosystem. Our Speech to Text feature that allows you to interact with customers across channels such as in-store, kiosks, app, website, or smart speakers.

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Upgrade your Customer Experience with Conversational AI