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Drawing upon our experience and expertise in the Conversational AI space, Haptik presents a series of webinars aimed at highlighting how Conversational AI benefits enterprises across industries, as well as the current and future outlook of Conversational AI.
How has Conversational AI revolutionized E-Commerce Customer Service?

Kartik Poddar, Haptik’s Business Head, hosts a panel discussion, with representatives of leading E-Commerce companies - Goibibo, Grofers and Oyo Rooms - sharing their insights on Conversational AI and its implementation in their respective firms.

What are the business pain-points that chatbots solve well?

This interactive webinar by Haptik’s Business Head, Kartik Poddar, will help you understand the best Conversational AI use case for your business and more.

Is your brand ready for the age of Conversational Commerce?

The retail sector stands at the threshold of yet another digital disruption, with the rapid growth of conversational commerce. Watch this webinar to learn how retailers are leveraging conversational commerce.

Best Practises for Customer Support on WhatsApp

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how you can transform your brand's customer support experience over WhatsApp.

Upgrade your Customer Experience

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