Save upto 90% in customer support costs

Customer Care

Upgrade your customer experience with Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) across 40+ messaging channels, including Web, Mobile, Messenger and WhatsApp. Save up to 90% in customer care costs by automating common requests - augmented by smart routing to an advanced live agent system for complex queries.

Haptik’s ROI Calculator takes into account the number of incoming customer chats per month, the cost of servicing each query on every channel for your business; and based on our industry-wide benchmarks for automation and human agent productivity, calculates the costs that your business will save through automation with our Intelligent Virtual Assistant.
In addition, our algorithms take into account the proportion of email and phone call support queries deflected to chat support, and calculate the costs saved on each of those channels, to give you the overall annual cost savings for your business.

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