Because customers often contact us with the same kind of requests, we have been able to achieve greater business efficiency by driving a number of these queries to Zuri. In addition to the positive response from our customers, Zuri has helped us to offer 24×7 support to complement our HelpPoint timings and ensure we are there when our customers need us the most. Zuri will become an even more important member of our team as we extend the channels and use cases that she is able to handle.

– Mark Cady, Head of Operations, Zurich International











About Zurich

Zurich Middle East is part of Zurich Insurance Group, one of the world’s largest and most experienced insurers. Customers have trusted Zurich Middle East for almost 30 years to protect their futures and provide financial security for their families and businesses.
Zurich Middle East is regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority, Central Bank of Bahrain and Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority.

The Problem

When it comes to insurance policies, customers typically have a large number of finance-related queries. They need an interface that will help them make service requests, assist them with form filling, answer FAQ’s and resolve issues. Moreover, there is an expectation among customers for immediate answers and issue resolution. And most traditional customer support systems are not equipped to handle these conversations effectively and quickly.

Zurich Middle East wanted to move to chat support to make their services available 24/7, provide instant responses and make their customer support experience seamless and as easy to access as possible.

Our Solution

Haptik deployed an Intelligent Virtual Assistant called ‘Zuri’ on the Zurich Middle East ( website. ‘Zuri’ is available 24/7 to any visitor to instantly manage their existing policies, and enables faster query resolution by guiding the customer through every step.

Tasks such as making a claim or a withdrawal, modifying personal details in the policy, premium related information, requesting a callback etc. are also swiftly handled by the virtual assistant. Any other general query is seamlessly routed to an expert by collecting the customer’s data conversationally, maintaining the element of interactivity throughout.


‘Zuri’ bot achieved 84% automation with 70% of customers getting their queries resolved end-to-end using the assistant. 11% of the users after interacting with the bot additionally opted for a Call Back Later facility.

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