Haptik’s Customer Care has proved to be a great platform for us, enabling our Guest Experience Managers to effectively connect with customers on WhatsApp and resolve their issues. We have observed a significant reduction in the volume of calls to our customer care helplines since we implemented this solution.

– Varitant Goyal, Product Manager, OYO Hotels & Homes









About OYO

Opening its doors in 2013, OYO Hotels & Homes is the world’s sixth-largest chain of hotels, homes, managed living and workspaces. The portfolio combines fully operated real estate comprising more than 23,000 hotels and 46,000 vacation homes. Now with Leisure Group joining the chain, OYO can be found in more than 800 cities in 80+ countries, including the U.S., China, Europe, U.K., India, Malaysia, Middle East, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan.

The Problem

Being an early adopter of WhatsApp Business, OYO Hotels & Homes was sending booking confirmation and hotel details to their guests over WhatsApp.

OYO wanted to extend the WhatsApp experience to provide Customer Support, by enabling users to write back to them over WhatsApp, and enabling their Guest Experience Managers to successfully respond to users on the messaging platform.

The aim was to provide a more natural communication method to OYO’s customers on mobile, and minimize their need to call the customer support helpline. A chat-driven support solution would be far more cost effective and easily scalable compared to voice-driven support. OYO needed a platform that could manage these conversations at scale while seamlessly integrating with WhatsApp Business.

Our Solution

Haptik’s proprietary Customer Care seamlessly integrated with WhatsApp Business, thus enabling OYO’s Guest Experience Managers to handle user queries on WhatsApp. OYO’s Guest Experience Managers could now handle multiple conversations simultaneously and provide end-users with a swift resolution to their issues on a messaging platform that was intuitive and native to them. With built-in features for measuring the productivity and efficiency of individual agents, OYO was able to assess the overall performance of their Guest Experience Managers, and gather rich data about the top reasons their users were reaching out to OYO for support.


Haptik’s integration with WhatsApp has opened a new, scalable and cost-effective channel for OYO to handle customer support. OYO has been able to connect with over 55,000 unique users per month, with a 16% increase in new users being observed every month.
Customers typically had 2 conversations with OYO’s Guest Experience Managers. The most common user query was Create Booking.

Following the implementation of this solution, OYO observed a 15% reduction in the volume of calls to their customer care helplines.

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