How Flo Mattress Improved Lead Generation by 317% using Haptik





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August 2019

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Customer Care

“Haptik is a versatile, power-packed solution that allows us to make customer support available 24*7 while personalizing user experience across the entire customer journey. We’ve seen a significant uptick in lead-generation and demo bookings after implementing the IVA. The team at Haptik is excellent to work with! They’re prompt, knowledgeable, and extremely customer-centric, listening and implementing regular improvements based on our feedback.

 –Kshitij Rihal, Co-founder at Flo Mattress


Flo Mattress is one of the most innovative mattress companies in India built with the objective of helping people sleep better. Founded by Gaurav Zatakia and Kshitij Rihal, Flo Mattress aims to revolutionize the mattress industry and establish new benchmarks using advanced technology and high-quality constituents.

Business Goals

After the launch, Flo saw a massive jump in their sales leading to a 50x rise in customer support queries. Flo wanted a solution that could scale rapidly without constraints.

  • Support that is available 24*7. 
  • Provides relevant information to its buyers.
  • Consistent customer service experience.


Haptik deployed an Intelligent Virtual Assistant called Flo Assist which helps with:

  • Guiding website visitors with product information and FAQs.
  • Generating high intent leads for the sales team.
  • Engaging with customers and increased demo bookings.
  • Answering support queries around usage & delivery.

Key Use Cases

Business Impact


Increase in Lead generation


Query Resolution


ROI Achieved

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