How Haptik built the World's Largest WhatsApp Chatbot

The Government of India’s official COVID-19 helpline used by over 25 million citizens, curbing misinformation and reducing panic


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“Timely and right communications have been a key pillar in our fight against COVID19. This has been greatly strengthened with Haptik’s ability to build an AI assistant in record time that has been handling millions of diverse queries in both English and Hindi. The helpdesk has been successfully catering to millions of WhatsApp users in India and has been immensely valuable in helping us keep our citizens rightly informed.”

– Abhishek Singh, President & CEO, National eGovernance Division (NeGD)


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COVID -19 is by far one of the largest pandemics the modern world has seen. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak was first reported in India, social media platforms have been flooded with COVID 19 posts — ranging from information on the outbreak to false news about its origin, untested treatments for the disease, and also recommendations for strange diets.

Moreover, the tendency of social media messages without verifying content was causing a ravaging impact and triggered immense unrest amongst people. During a pandemic such as COVID 19, misinformation is the primary outlet of panic and often these rumors become as dangerous as the virus itself. 

To reduce the spread of such misinformation, Haptik built a WhatsApp chatbot where people could get their queries addressed around the novel Coronavirus, ranging from how to stay safe, travel advisory, symptoms, etc (powered by publicly available data from The WHO). This caught the attention of the Government of India, who then wanted us to replicate this as the country’s official Coronavirus helpline.

The Challenge

The Government of India wanted to eradicate misinformation and empower citizens with the right information to take precautionary measures and stay safe during the COVID 19 pandemic.

They were essentially looking for:

  • A 24×7 helpdesk that could answer queries and avoid the spread of false information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Handle the scale and diversity of queries being directed from millions of users across the country in English & Hindi
  • Speed and pace – the need to build a robust solution as soon as possible

Our Solution

The “MyGov Corona Helpdesk” was engineered to fight rumors, educate the masses and bring a sense of calm to the chaos-like situation. Haptik started building the Helpdesk ground-up using official data shared by the Government.

Given speed was the need of the hour, it tested the limits of the Haptik platform to get the entire data set trained, curated and the bot live in all of 5 days. Some of the preliminary use cases that the bot resolves include:

  • Checking symptoms and diagnosis
  •  Sharing official helpline information
  •  Providing tips and precautionary measures to stay safe
  • Facilitating the latest updates and advisory from the Ministry of Health
  • Breaking any myths around COVID 19


The MyGov Chatbot is by far the largest WhatsApp Chatbot ever built that helped address queries of 20 million+ users within a few weeks.

It has seamlessly processed over 36 million conversations on WhatsApp from users across the country out of which 80% of user queries were resolved end-to-end.

The “MyGov Corona Helpdesk” was jointly run by Haptik, Facebook and the Indian Ministry of Electronics & IT. It received immense praise around the world and was promoted by the Hon. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi along with the Government of India across news channels, publications, social media, and various digital platforms.

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