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We are very happy with Haptik’s chatbot solution, the bot is handling a significant number of customer queries we receive in each day and has been instrumental in Dr. Lal PathLabs’s digital transformation journey. The bot’s 24X7 availability and instant response has led to higher customer satisfaction and delight for our users.

— Sandeep Singh, Head – Digital, Dr Lal PathLabs

Dr Lal PathLabs is one of India’s Top Diagnostic Chains with a national network consisting of a National Reference Laboratory in New Delhi along with 190+ other clinical laboratories, 1700+ patient service centers and 5,000+ pickup points as of March 31, 2017 with a test menu of 4500 tests and panels.


Dr Lal PathLabs wanted to offer 24/7 customer care and make their booking procedure as simple and seamless as possible.

The key objectives of the IVA included:

  • Instantly resolve routine queries and FAQs 24/7.
  • Help answer other queries by collecting the user’s data through a contact form.
  • Allow customers to instantly check the status of pending reports.


Haptik built an IVA for Dr. Lal PathLabs that:
  • Enabled faster query resolution by guiding the user through every step.
  • Helped customers find nearby centers, access test information and pricing, and book a test.
  • Instantly check the status of their test reports.

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