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The Haptik platform is a great source of interested users for us. The chat driven format proves to be extremely engaging for our users, leading to high conversions. Highly recommended.

Aniket Thakkar , VP – Marketing, Coverfox

Coverfox is an online insurance broker founded in 2013, that grew from a 2 person startup to a 400+ strong company within a few years. The company raised a Series A round of €1.70 million, and followed it with a €10.19 million Series B round in April 2015, from Accel Partners and SAIF Partners. Coverfox provides quick and easy solutions for everything ranging from life insurance, to term insurance, to vehicle insurance, for the modern customer on the go.


Coverfox needed a solution that would enable them to effectively engage Millennials and generate interest in their offerings among this audience.

The key objectives of the IVA included:

  • Engage customers with an online financial health quiz.
  • Generate interest in Coverfox’s offerings.


Haptik built the ‘Financial Health Quiz’ IVA that:

  • Asked users questions on savings habits and insurance, building a financial health profile on the basis of the answers.
  • Directed interested prospects to the Coverfox team.

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