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The Finance Shop chatbot has provided us with an innovative platform to reach out to and cater to the interests of our target customers. The response has been encouraging and I foresee a great potential in this partnership.

– Mr. Ashwin CT, Sr. Manager , Digital Marketing, Bank Bazaar

BankBazaar is a Chennai based online financial marketplace. Founded in 2008, it is the world’s first neutral online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on a range of financial products, including loans and credit cards. BankBazaar helps customers compare and apply for financial products, through their website and mobile app.


BankBazaar needed a solution that would enable them to effectively engage financially savvy premium customers – to educate them about financial planning, and to promote BankBazaar’s offerings.

The key objectives of the IVA included:

  • Cutting through the clutter and differentiating BankBazaar from competitors.
  • Engage users with interactive content and educate them about financial products.
  • Direct prospective customers to the BankBazaar website.


Haptik built an IVA for BankBazaar, deployed on two of India’s largest news apps (TOI and ET), that:

  • Increased brand awareness for BankBazaar across all customer segments.
  • Effectively engaged users and raised financial awareness among them.
  • Redirected high-intent prospects to the BankBazaar website for purchase.

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