Publisher SDK, integrating Haptik inside native apps


Say goodbye to App Fatigue. Instantly enable 40+ chatbots across various daily tasks in under 1 MB.


Increase in retention rate

Engage + Monetize

The mobile app industry is about a decade old but publishers are still trying to figure out hacks to improve user retention. App fatigue is not just a theory any more: 60% of apps are uninstalled within the first week. The Haptik Assistant SDK enables a layer of daily use chatbots in any mobile app. Instantly provide a lot more reasons for users to keep using your app. Monetize through transactions and the Haptik ad platform.

Flight bookings, web check in, Train PNR Status

Recharge, DTH, Electricity payments

Cab Bookings, Local Search & Deals

Reminders, Horoscopes, Jokes, Cricket Scores

Shopping via Haptik merchant network

Full stack payment layer with multiple PGs & Wallets


The Times of India brand is as synonymous to news as the color yellow to the sun. As the world’s most largest English daily newspaper by circulation, they are constantly trying to innovate in their shift to be a digital first publication. They integrated the Haptik Publisher SDK with the goal of providing an end to end daily destination for millions of their loyal users. See how this resulted in a 2x increase in repeat usage leading to higher overall lifetime value per user.


TOI Personal Assistant is one of the key integrations we’ve done on the app. With early results showing 60% increase in retention rates for Assistant users, they’ve definitely taken a liking to the chat based virtual assistant powered by Haptik. - Zafar Sawant, Product Lead, Mobile Apps, The Times of India

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