Platform Evangelist

Location: Mumbai, 1 Vacancy - Fulltime

What we want to accomplish and why we need you?

Haptik is one of the world's largest Conversational AI companies, having reached over 100 million devices, and processed over 2 billion conversations till date. Haptik has been at the forefront of the paradigm shift of interaction from clicks to conversations. We have built a robust set of technology and tools that can enable any kind of conversational application. With a 100-member strong team, including some of the finest minds in Artificial Intelligence, Haptik is truly poised to lead the Conversational AI revolution.

We are on the lookout for a dynamic and driven individual for the role of Platform Evangelist. You will be the face of Haptik to the developer community and will spearhead community engagement, developer documentation, growth through evangelism, and platform adoption.

What will you do every day?

The role requires a good blend of technical, product and interpersonal skills with a passion to drive adoption of all of Haptik platform capabilities.

  • Bot Builder: Haptik's tool for making bots! Once you've mastered this tool, you'll be able to build bots with minimal coding.
  • Bot Analytics: Haptik's real-time user messages/conversations tracker with historical data which can help you answer the toughest questions about the bot users.
  • Live Chat: Allows users to monitor and take daily chats on their business with additional functionality such as chat flow analytics, assignment of chats by managers, etc.

You’ll work closely with internal and external engineers building bots to ensure that their needs and requirements are reflected in the services we build. You will also work closely with product and business partners on the future direction of our platform, based on feedback and firsthand information from our partners.

Ok, you're sold, but what are we looking for in the perfect candidate?

  • Passionate about software that enables developers and matures the organization's capabilities.
  • Build reference implementations, SDKs, documentation, and automation to ensure developers using Haptik’s platform capabilities are successful and are able to leverage it to its maximum potential.
  • Create developer focussed content like articles, short videos, blog posts, how-to guides, etc to effectively communicate platform capabilities.
  • Participate in strategic roadmap conversations cross-functionally in the company based on the end consumer feedback to advocate for and ensure external developer's interests for the platform.
  • Be the solutions expert to help developers build the right conversational experiences and troubleshoot issues for clients.
  • Establish an understanding of key competitors and trends in the chatbot space and have a proper understanding of the key differentiators of the product.


  • 4-6 years of experience with at least 2-3 years of experience as a software developer.
  • Ability to write clear and accurate technical content - white papers, technical briefs, training materials, etc.
  • Conceptualize and build tools that can ease the development of custom applications on the platform.
  • Knowledgeable about using external SDKs and APIs to integrate with a custom application.
  • Experience of building a bot on any platform will be an added advantage.
  • Good ability to troubleshoot platform integration issues for clients and work with other engineering teams to ensure timely resolution of any escalations.
  • Ability to lead a team and work cross-functionally with a collaborative mindset with multiple stakeholders.
  • Strong analytical skills for the development of complex business and technical use-cases.

* Requirements is such a strong word. We don’t necessarily expect to find a candidate that has done everything listed, but you should be able to make a credible case that you’ve done most of it and are ready for the challenge of adding some new things to your resume.

Tell me more about Haptik

  • On a roll: Announced major strategic partnership in April 2019 with Jio in a $100 million deal.
  • Great team: You will be working with great leaders who have been listed in Business World 40 Under 40, Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT 35 Under 35 Innovators.
  • Great culture: The freedom to think and innovate is something that defines the culture of Haptik. Every person is approachable. While we are working hard, it is also important to take breaks to not get too worked up.
  • Huge market: Disrupting a massive, growing AI market. The global market is projected to attain a valuation of $9 billion by the end of 2024.
  • Emerging technology: We are moving to an AI first world, and Haptik is one of the largest AI first companies globally, based out of India.
  • Great customers: Some of the most notable brands in the world - Oyo Rooms, Samsung, Tata Teleservices, Club Mahindra, KFC, Coca-Cola, to count a few.
  • Impact: A fun and exciting start-up culture that empowers its people to make a huge impact.

Working hard for things that we don't care about is stress, but working hard for something we love is called passion! At Haptik we passionately solve problems in order to be able to move faster and each Haptikan imbibes our key values of honesty, ownership, perseverance, communication, impact, curiosity, courage, agility and selflessness.

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