Haptik's Lead Bots are like your virtual sales agents, ready to engage your website vistors and qualify the right leads for you. Our adaptive chat flows easily adapt the conversation based on your responses and make the experience way more engaging than static landing pages. Our clients have seen a 5X jump in lead conversation compared to static forms.

Nurture Your Leads Throughout The Funnel

  •  Bots chat about your products & services
  •  Intelligent ML algorithms for lead qualification and scoring
  •  Leads pushed to your CRM systems for closure

Intelligent Lead Generation

Livechat bot

Live chat for Hot Leads

A live chat panel that connects extremely hot leads directly to your agents/sales representatives.


Activity Based Triggers

Trigger a conversation based on customer interaction and offer some assistance to help him make a decision!


Seamless LMS Integration

The bot connects seamlessly with your LMS/CRM to directly populate lead data.


Data Driven Lead Scoring

Lead qualification based on customer's chat and browsing data.

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How Haptik's Lead Bot delivered a 16.8% lead completion rate for Coverfox

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