Haptik's Lead Generation Bot functions like a 24x7 virtual sales agent. It engaging prospects who visit your brand's digital assets, and then collects and qualifies leads. Our lead generation bot's AI-driven conversational capabilities will revolutionize the way your brand interacts with customers. The bot intelligently adapts the conversation to the customer's responses - offering an interactive experience that will certainly prove more helpful to them than a static webpage.

Nurture Your Leads Throughout The Funnel

  •  Engage Prospects
    •  Notifications, prompts & triggers draw attention of customers visiting the website/app, and prevent drop-offs.
    •  Conversation is adapted to context and to the customers' responses

  •  Qualify Leads
    •  Intelligent ML algorithms for lead qualification and scoring.
    •  Scoring mechanism identifies high-priority leads.

  •  Convert Leads
    •  Lead generation bot engine is seamlessly integrated with leading CRM/LMS systems (SalesForce, ZenDesk, Zoho etc.).
    •  Qualified leads are pushed to CRM system for closure.

Intelligent Lead Generation

Livechat bot

Live chat for Hot Leads

A live chat panel seamlessly connects hot leads directly to agents/sales representatives.


Activity Based Triggers

Trigger a conversation based on the prospect's engagement pattern, inform him/her about products & services, and offer assistance to aid decision-making.


Seamless LMS Integration

Bot connects with your CRM/LMS system to directly populate lead data, and for ease of tracking and follow-ups.


Data Driven Lead Scoring

Lead qualification carried out based on prospect's chat and browsing data.

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How Haptik's Lead Bot delivered a 16.8% lead completion rate for Coverfox

Coverfox, one of the world's leading insure-tech platforms, was looking to acquire high-quality leads for its insurance products. Read the case study to learn how Haptik's Lead Generation Bot engaged with customers to effectively boost Coverfox's lead completion rate.

Read Case Study

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