Conversational AI for Telecom

Virtual Assistants to help with Billing, Plans, Network Issues

Reduce the cost of handling support processes and engage with customers at the right time on the channels they’re active on. Start creating personalized experiences for your customers and improve your bottom line.

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right plans
Sales agent in telecom industry
live chat agent in telecom industry

Live Chat & Messaging

Give your customers the support they expect on the communication channels that they prefer. Automate L1 & L2 queries and save 90% of customer care costs. Transform your customer experience while simultaneously diverting support traffic from expensive channels such as phone.

telecom live chat agent

Conversational IVR

Automate the most common queries like bill information, plans, network issues on main phone support line, pre-collect customer information before passing the query to an agent and deflect queries to chat, reducing agent handle time and save millions of dollars in customer care costs, enabled by seamless integration of speech recognition and agent routing with all major IVR applications.

telecom conversational ivr agent

Lead Generation

Make the first move to engage with your customers. Haptik IVAs help you upgrade your customer experiences from generic offers and form fills to more personalized and tailored engagement. Start building a pipeline of high-quality prospects, grow conversions with custom, data-driven recommendations, and optimize the entire customer journey.

telecom helpdesk chatbot

Upgrade your Customer Experience

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