Transform Your Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Haptik has been a pioneer in the Conversational AI space since 2013, having processed over 3 billion conversations to date. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solutions have been leveraged by global brands like Samsung, KFC, Zurich Insurance, and StarHub, to transform customer experience and drive ROI.

As part of your Conversational AI Demo you will:

  • Learn how Haptik has driven customer success for brands in your vertical.
  • Understand the Conversational AI use cases relevant to your business objectives, and Haptik’s approach to tackling them.
  • Know the range of services offered by Haptik as part of our full-stack platform.
  • Watch a detailed demonstration of the Haptik IVA’s capabilities and user experience.

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Transforming CX and Driving ROI for Global Brands

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Upgrade your Customer Experience with Conversational AI