Customer feedback is a key metric for all consumer-facing enterprises. Yet, many companies today struggle when it comes to collecting customer feedback, and quantifying and improving customer satisfaction. Haptik's Feedback Bot is a state-of-the-art consumer feedback collection and analysis tool that will revolutionize the way organizations collect and process feedback. The bot collects customer feedback across multiple touchpoints, while the intuitive analytics dashboard provides actionable insights that can be used to improve products and services.

Get Actionable Insights Through Better Feedback Collection

Travel bot
  •  Collect Feedback
    •  Bot gathers qualitative and quantitative feedback across multiple platforms
    •  Advanced ML models identify the right time and channel to reach out to users, improving response rates
  •  View Insights
    •  Analytics will provide insights based on customer feedback
    •  CSAT, NPS and other metrics are measured and presented on the intuitive analytics dashboard
  •  Resolve Issues
    •  Dashboard enables you to move critical customers to live chat
    •  Feedback becomes actionable due to immediate resolution of customer issues

Feature-Rich Feedback Platform

Adaptive Bots

Seamless Integration

Bot engine easily integrates with leading CRM systems to run targeted feedback campaigns.


Measure Customer Feedback

NPS/CSAT/CES and NPS trends can be tracked on the analytics dashboard, to measure customer feedback.

Live Chat bot

Live Chat for Critical Alerts

Dashboard can be used to move critical customers to live chat for immediate resolution of their issues, based on actionable insights derived from feedback.


Adaptive Conversational Flow

Bot adapts conversational flow in real-time, based on user responses, providing a more engaging experience than static survey forms.

Conversational survey

Experience The Live Demo of a Hotel Feedback Bot

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