Haptik's Feedback Bot leverages the power of conversational interfaces to better understand what your customers think about your products and services. Segment your users and run multi-channel feedback campaigns using customizable bots to get all insights in one place. Haptik's intuitive dashboard brings all the qualitative and quantitative feedback together to provide actionable insights.

Omni-Channel Feedback Platform

Travel bot
  •  Bots collect qualitative and quantitative feedback
  •  Insights presented on intuitive dashboard
  •  Resolution Bots close the loop

It's Featuristic!

Adaptive Bots

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with your CRM systems to run targeted feedback campaigns


NPS, CSAT and Sentiment

Don't just track numbers, focus on sensitive emotional data!

Live Chat bot

Live Chat for Critical Alerts!

Avoid the wrath of online rants and trolls, talk to them directly!


Adaptive Bots

Real time adaptive Bots based on user responses, way better than static survey forms

Conversational survey

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