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Automate customer interaction. Custom chatbot solutions to manage every touch point in the customer lifecycle.


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All lines are currently busy, please hold on while a representative will be with you. This line has become synonymous with customer service and the frustration people have with it. The Internet so far has had some impact, but not as much as we’d all like. Haptik chatbots present a revolution in customer service, enabling automated interaction across Web, Mobile, Messenger, Twitter, and anywhere else your customers may exist. No more busy lines or SLAs, only instant bot driven resolutions.

Design, development and deployment

Sector agnostics: Telecom, FMCG, and more

Customer support, lead generation, FAQs, transactions

Omni channel and super lightweight integrations

Full stack chat management software

Human agent dashboard for live chat intervention


How does Lal Pathlabs, a leading national diagnostics chain ensure that worried patients have access to instant customer service 24/7 and never need a customer to jump through hoops to get simple questions answered? They get a chatbot. Read on to find out how getting a Haptik chatbot helped Lal Pathlabs revamp their Customer Support strategy, reduced the load on their human agents and optimised their user experience as a whole.


We are very happy with the Haptik chatbot solution deployed on our website. It is already doing 20% of the call volume we get on our customer support center. The team has been great in getting us what we needed, and we plan to scale it up aggressively in the coming months. - Sandeep Singh, Head - Digital, Dr Lal Pathlabs

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