Is Your Brand Ready for the Age of Conversational Commerce?

The retail sector stands at the threshold of yet another digital disruption, with the rapid growth of conversational commerce. And much like the e-commerce revolution before it, brands that are slow to embrace this paradigm shift will find themselves at a serious disadvantage.

To help retailers get future-ready, Haptik and Capstone Integrated Solutions present Conversational Commerce: Retail’s Next Frontier - featuring a panel of industry experts who share exciting insights on how retailers can leverage the power of chat and voice-based virtual assistants.


Watch this webinar to learn how retailers are leveraging conversational commerce to:

  1. Drive more sales and activate new channels
  2. Improve customer experience significantly
  3. Scale customer support at a fraction of the cost
  4. Bridge the gap between online and offline retail

Fill up the form to watch the on-demand webinar, and catch a glimpse of the future of retail!


Our Panel

Swapan Rajdev
Swapan Rajdev

(Co-Founder & CTO, Haptik)

Swapan Rajdev
Liz Snower

(VP-Growth, Haptik)

Swapan Rajdev
Rich Hack

(VP-Operations, Capstone IS)

Watch the Webinar

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