How has Conversational AI revolutionized E-Commerce Customer Service?

Gartner has predicted that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human agents.

E-commerce businesses were among the first to adopt chatbots as a key customer touchpoint. Having worked with a number of enterprise partners in the E-commerce sector in recent years, we at Haptik bring you “How Conversational AI is Causing a Paradigm Shift in E-Commerce Customer Service ”.

This interactive webinar, hosted by our Business Head, Kartik Poddar, features a panel of E-commerce leaders from Oyo Rooms, Grofers and Goibibo, who share their insights on how Conversational AI has revolutionized customer service in their industry.

Arun Laxman

Arun Laxman
Principal Product Manager

Kartik Poddar

Kartik Poddar
Business Head

Seshadri Vyas

Seshadri Vyas
Sr. Product Manager

Varitant Goyal

Varitant Goyal
Product Manager

Questions that will be answered by this webinar:

  • How has Conversational AI helped scale up customer service for e-commerce?
  • What metrics should be tracked to measure the effectiveness of chatbots?
  • What does the future hold for Conversational AI in e-commerce?

Why you should watch this webinar:

  • Learn about successful implementations of Conversational AI solutions
  • Get insights from product managers who are experienced with chatbots
  • Find out what metrics to track to measure the effectiveness of chatbots
  • Know what the future holds for Conversational AI in E-Commerce
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