60% of mobile apps are uninstalled within the first week due to App fatigue. Haptik's Concierge Bots are a set of utility chatbots for everyday tasks that can be integrated inside any mobile app or website. Right from setting reminders to booking flights, Haptik's Concierge Bots instantly provide a lot more reasons for users to keep engaging with your app thus leading to monetization.

Ready to Deploy Bots for User Engagement & Retention

  •  40+ Ready-to-deploy Chatbots
  •  Integrate our ultra-light SDK with your app
  •  Drive engagement and monetization with Haptik Concierge Bots

Easy to Integrate


Pick and Choose!

Pick and Choose which Bots are best suited for your users.


Cross Platform!

Ready to deploy for Android, iOS and on your website!



Full stack payment layer with multiple PGs & Wallets


Hassle Free Integration

The Haptik SDKs are developed to facilitate easy intergation across platforms


TOI, one of India's largest news App, deployed Haptik's Concierge Bot and saw a 2X increase in repeat usage, leading to a higher lifetime value per user.

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