Haptik's Concierge Bots are a set of 40+ ready-to-deploy consumer services. Utility bots serve as a Personal Assistant to customers, helping them get things done - from flight and cab bookings to bill payments to setting reminders. Entertainment bots can engage customers with quizzes, jokes and trivia. Assisting and entertaining customers gives them reasons to keep returning to the app or website, thus ensuring high usage and retention.

Drive Customer Engagement & Retention

Quiz bot
  •  Ready-to-Deploy Bots
    •  40+ bots that offer various entertainment and consumer services
    •  Features offered by bots include reminders, travel bookings, bill payments, quizzes, jokes etc.

  •  Integrate Anywhere
    •  Ultra-light SDK can be seamlessly integrated with any platform - app, website etc.
    •  Full-stack payment layer with multiple gateways and wallets included

  •  Engage, Retain, Monetize
    •  Drive repeat usage, without need for cash incentivization
    •  Earn revenue by enabling users to conduct transactions through app/website

Easy to Integrate Engagement Solutions


Select As Per Requirement

Pick and choose the right set of bots to effectively engage with your audience.


Cross Platform

Bots can be deployed on any platform - Android, iOS, website etc.



Full-stack payment layer included, with multiple payment gateways and wallets.


Seamless Integration

SDKs developed to facilitate easy integration across platforms.


How Haptik Helped TOI Upgrade Their App User Experience

The Times of India app is one of the leading news apps in India, with millions of highly engaged loyal customers. TOI wanted to position their successful platform as being more than just a news app. Read the case study to learn how Haptik's Concierge Bot was effectively deployed to transform and enrich user experience on the TOI app.

Read Case Study

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