Getting Things Done

Strategize, execute and ship it! Done? Onto the next assignment. Move at breakneck pace.

How We Work

Working hard for things that we don't care about is stress, but working hard for something we love is called passion! At Haptik we passionately solve problems in order to be able to move faster and don't shy away from breaking things!

Enjoy Yourself

While we are working hard, it is also important to take breaks to not get too worked up. Stand up and walk away from your work stations, play a game, chat a little and then get back to work with double the energy!

Experiences at Haptik

"The Internship"

No one treated me like “the intern” and gave equal weight to my opinions as they would to anybody else’s on the team and that’s something that truly took me by surprise.

Current Openings

Want a bot which helps your business?

Get in touch with our team of experts to show you how.

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