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WhatsApp usage spiked by 40% during COVID-19, making it the most sought after platform to engage with users and improve conversions

*Only eligible for businesses in India that meet certain pre-requisites

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Drive sales and deliver exceptional support on users’ most preferred  communication channel

Acquire New Users

Convert website visitors into leads and build stronger customer relationships.

  • Cheaper acquisition Channel
  • Solid leads pipeline
  • 1:1 Communication with over 400 million WhatsApp users

Improve Transactions

Share personalized recommendations and seamlessly integrate with 3rd party payment gateways.

  • 0% intermediary Commission
  • Improve cart recovery
  • Upsell & cross-sell

Drive Customer Service

Deliver world-class customer support on your users’ most preferred communication channel.

  • Increase FRT and save over 30K agent hrs/month
  • Drive higher CSAT & NPS
  • Send reminders & alerts

WhatsApp Business Opportunity

Key use cases to drive engagement and conversions using WhatsApp

BFSI & Lending

  • Application process
  • Lead generation 
  • Policy recommendations 
  • File a claim


  • Portfolio tracker updates 
  • Stock recommendations
  • Interest calculators
  • Mortgage calculators


  • Product FAQs
  • Payment issues & Refund 
  • Product recommendations
  • Cart recovery


  • Collect shopping lists
  • Curate latest offers
  • Catalogues preview
  • Retargeting

Automobiles and Ancillaries

  • Nearby dealer locator
  • Book a test drive
  • Maintenance renewal/Due updates
  • Recommendations


  • Personalized recommendations
  • Cart recovery
  • Upgrades & Cross-sell 
  • Reminders

Cognitive WhatsApp Solution

Enable conversational commerce and drive revenue with Haptik’s AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots

Case Studies

How Haptik Built the World’s Largest Chatbot to Curb COVID-19

World’s 3rd Largest Telco resolved 74% User Queries via WhatsApp

How Haptik Enabled OYO to Leverage WhatsApp for Customer Service

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*Only eligible for businesses in India that meet certain pre-requisites

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