Business AI Chatbot
Chatbots Built for Scale, Speed, and Human-Like Accuracy
Handle large support volumes, improve resolution rate, and minimize cost overheads
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Fight Business Slowdown using Automation
Reduce costs by hiring virtual assistants to handle simple & repeatable tasks, so your agents can focus on complex queries
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Leverage AI-powered virtual assistants to raise CSAT, reduce churn, and drive higher revenue
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Saved for the World’s
Third-Largest Telco

Empower your Remote Workforce

Move into the Future of Customer Experiences with Haptik

Reduce wait times and provide exceptional support

Diminish wait times and strengthen CSAT by making automated support available for customers 24*7.

Scale to millions of conversations overnight

Handle 80% support queries end-to-end using chatbots, improve customer loyalty, and achieve 6x growth in LTV.

Personalize your CX

From the first greeting to the final step of query resolution, give every conversation a human touch with engaging content and solutions and share products, and promotions tailored to customers’ requirements.

Learn how Conversational AI can help your Industry

Experiencing a surge in insurance-related queries?

Swamped with rescheduling & cancellations

Struggling with delayed deliveries and refunds?

Network issues due to increased demand?

Setting you up for success with Automated Customer Experience

Haptik gives you the ultimate platform to drive automation across the customer journey

Launch a fully functional virtual assistant in just 7 days

  • Frictionless deployment
  • Ready to use in just 7 days
  • Resolves >80% user queries

Intent-driven NLU built for customer care and commerce

  • AI built & trained for specific use cases
  • Intent, language detection & Multilingual support
  • Bot personality & tone
    adaptable to context

Get real-time insights using our analytics dashboard

  • Review and fix issues real-time  within minutes
  • Analyze Conversation Funnels and Drop-offs
  • Get Alerts for trending
    customer issues

Enterprise-Grade security

  • GDPR Ready
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Penetration Testing and
    Security Audit of SDKs

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Upgrade your CX & Save Cost during Covid-19