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Professor Dan Roth, Machine Learning Scholar, Joins Haptik As An Advisor

This post is written by Swapan Rajdev, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Haptik.

Haptik has grown 10x over the last 6 months, and at the heart of it all is strong technology. Our goal has always been to ensure the right response is given in the fastest possible time. Whereas all of it is human powered, the accurate answers are retrieved using a bunch of data science and natural language processing (NLP). We call this machine augmented intelligence, the secret sauce of Haptik. We started work on this roughly 6 months back and already 1 out of 2 queries are successfully run through the machine algorithm. In simple English, this means that 50% of questions are being accurately matched to corresponding answers in the system. This is amazing – what was just a theory before we started out is actually seeing results. We realized early on that this is going to be key to the success of the service, and thus started talking to experts in the area to possibly help us. And today, we are incredibly excited to announce that University of Illinois Professor Dan Roth has joined the Haptik Board of Advisors.

When we started talking to people in the space, someone told us, “If you want the best, talk to Dan Roth”. One of the biggest names in the world of artificial intelligence, Prof. Roth has over 20 years experience in machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation, and has developed advanced tools in these areas being used widely across both academia and industry. Pretty much exactly the kind of stuff Haptik is working on. With a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard University, Prof. Roth has to his credit close to 300 publications, several patents, thousands of citations, and has given keynote talks and tutorials in numerous conferences in the space. Over the years, his work has been funded by grants from Google, Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, Motorola as well as government including the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense.  He is a fellow of the AAAS, ACM, AAAI and ACL and is actively advising and working with companies globally. Haptik is the first Indian company he will be officially working with in his career. We are honored to have him on board, and look forward to the exciting times ahead.

Swapan Rajdev & Prof. Dan Roth - 2
Swapan Rajdev, CTO, Haptik along with Prof. Dan Roth

Prof. Roth will closely work with me on the technology team to scale Haptik NLP, backend chat technology, as well as understand user behavior better to enhance the overall product and service. Special mention to the University of Illinois (where both Aakrit and I did our engineering), and Professor Rakesh Nagi for facilitating this relationship and making it happen.

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