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Welcoming Key Leaders To The Haptik Family

This post is written by Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO of Haptik.

Its been a while since you heard from us. The reason is simple – Haptik has grown 10x in the last 6 months and we have been working round the clock trying to manage this craziness. The company is now a 150+ team, and as we take this leap to the next level its important that the core foundation be strong. With that view, Swapan and I have been spending a large chunk of our time looking for people who believe in the Haptik vision and would want to be part of this journey. And today, I am very excited to introduce 5 new members to the Haptik family, all of whom have joined us in the last couple of months. Please join me in welcoming them to the team!

Ashim Jolly Chief Operations Officer

AshimAshim joins Swapan and me in the senior leadership team as Chief Operations Officer. He will be responsible for day to day business operations, business development & marketing. As a senior leader of the company, he will closely work with Swapan and me on overall strategy and execution. His number one goal will be chat quality – essentially making sure that what we stand for actually works.

Ashim and I have known each other for over a year. Ashim reached out to me when Haptik launched, sending a deck that explained an idea for an app he had. That idea was basically Haptik. We kept in touch ever since and I am thrilled that we are finally making this work.

He joins us from SnapLion, where he was Senior Vice President of the custom mobile app development platform serving over 200 leading global brands. He was responsible for incubation and business development, bringing on board 100+ clients including notable brands like Radisson, DLF, VLCC, Moti Mahal, Beer Cafe, Affinity salon averaging net monthly revenues in excess of $10,000. Prior to Snaplion, Ashim was an early member of the team at Round One, an online platform which connects job seekers with employees in a company for job referrals. He started his career as a strategy consultant with The Lucas Group in Boston after finishing his MS from Cornell University in May 2009. Currently, Ashim is also Founder & Director of Innovation Studio, a digital product development studio based in New Delhi. Outside of work, he is an avid swimmer, enjoys working out and playing squash.

Akhil Aryan Product & Growth

AkhilAkhil joins Haptik as head of product, user growth & engagement. He will own the end to end consumer experience inside the app, right from how people find it, to on boarding, to them becoming loyal users. He will be responsible for creating a world class product that brings the “wow” feeling every single time you open it. Using data as the driving factor, he will determine the Haptik app feature set, user and design experience.

Akhil comes to us after the most fascinating 10 year career. He built his first production software at the age of 14 in New York for some extra pocket money and at 16, he generated $1m in sales during a summer internship at a real estate firm. At 18, he Co-Founded ION, a technology company in the education space, which built India’s first consolidated student RFID card, collecting 500,000 daily unique attendance records saving colleges average of $20,000/year. At 21, he moved to San Francisco and started Oneshop, a SaaS platform enabling bloggers to enable e-commerce on their sites. At 23, he moved to London after winning the SIRIUS program run by the UK government. He finally made his way back to Mumbai earlier this year, reached out to me, and it took 8 days from the time we first met till Akhil was in the office figuring out growth strategies for the next 6 months.

Apurva Mudgal Product Manager

DSC_0028Apurva joins the Haptik engineering team as a Product and Engineering Manager. She will be responsible for development and maintenance of the Haptik web chat product used by experts, as well as managing engineering tasks, work flow, and testing. She will be the gateway to engineering for rest of the organization, and will work with key stakeholders across the board to prioritize tasks.

Apurva comes to us from National Instruments (NI), where she was an Applications Engineer working as the bridge between customer support and client management. A graduate of BITS, Pilani, she was one of only 12 people selected for the prestigious NI program across all engineering colleges in the country. While at BITS, she worked on several interesting projects including an automatic sun tracking device, a Wiberforce pendulum, and a RLC Electrical Oscillator. An intriguing fact about Apurva is that she is a former national level badminton player and swimmer, having won 4 medals in each sport during her early years. We look forward to having her energy and competitive spirit rub off on others.

Karan Gangwal Business Operations

KaranKaran joined us in March as part of the business operations team managing expert operations on a day to day basis. He will be on point to manage traffic, optimize expert efficiency, and build processes for scale. He is our market maker, our trader, our quarterback – responsible for using all types of data to determine capacity to make supply and demand meet.

Prior to Haptik, Karan was trying to get his own start up off the ground in the mobile retail space. For 6 months, he did “everything” at the company: product, sales, operations, development. He even filed a patent application. While unfortunately that could not work out, Karan found his entrepreneurial calling at Haptik. His previous experience includes roles at Kotak Mahindra Bank and Deloitte, where he was part of the audit practice working with clients such as TCS, GE and Mahindra. The most intriguing fact about Karan is that for 3 years he worked in the Entertainment industry, acting in movies and television shows.

Binit Singh Sr. Full Stack Engineer

binitBinit joins us on the Engineering team as a full stack software developer. He will help us scale and improve our backend comprising of API calls, web tools and automated scripts using Python/Django and any open source technologies. He will be responsible for building and scaling feature sets as part of the overall Haptik product roadmap.

Binit joins us from Mindfire Solutions, where he was working on an ad-exchange for the outdoor media market. He wrote Django models, function based views, custom Django template tags, Handlebar template tags, etc. among other things. Prior to Mindfire, Binit was at Diffion Consulting where he built a price comparison website scrapping data from all leading e-commerce sites. He also worked on a project for, where he scrapped all kinds of data including Gold and Silver rates, coupons, and Bollywood listings.

Welcome to the team, guys. Onwards and upwards!

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