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Weekend Escapades During Diwali

This post is written by Yash Saraf, Marketing Manager at Haptik.

Finally, we have yet another long weekend coming up during Diwali. After a number of public holidays falling on Saturday this year, we get time to escape the grind of our everyday life and take a short holiday with family and friends.

So as your personal assistant, it is our responsibility to make sure that you get your well-deserved break. In this post, we have stated some weekend getaways that will be ideal for a short 2 – 3 day break.

Western India


Image courtesy: www.indianholiday.com

Durshet is a place that is covered in thick forests within the Sahyadri ranges with the Amba River flowing through the woods. It is located equidistant from Mumbai and Pune (about 100 km from each). This place is full of waterfalls and greenery in the rainy season making a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere for a quick weekend getaway. Durshet also offers a range of adventurous activities such as trekking through the greenery and falls, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing and a lot more. The icing to the cake is the sounds of the birds chirping and the sight of colorful butterflies flying around.


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Karnala Fort is a hill fort is one of the closest getaways close to Mumbai (80 km away). Treks and drives provide majestic views of the misty Sahyadri Ranges in the monsoon. The waterfalls close by are refreshing. Additionally, Karnala Bird Sanctuary is home to some of the most exotic birds. Especially the monsoons see a variety of migratory birds.

North India


Image courtesy: www.indialocation.in

Neemrana is a medieval historically rich town situated in Alwar District of Rajasthan located 122 km from Delhi. Neemrana is famous for its magnificent Neemrana Fort Palace. It was built in 1464 AD, place from where Rajput Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III reigned. Another thing that you can enjoy close to Neemrana is boating at the beautiful Silliserh Lake.


Image courtesy: www.indiantravels.com

Alwar is a city situated equidistant from Delhi and Jaipur (160 km). Alwar allures its tourists with scenic landscapes and panoramic destinations. One very famous attraction in Alwar is the Fairy Queen that is a train journey through the nook and corner of the town. The local market offers a variety of artifacts, eateries, clothing, bangles and toys. The City Palace is an architectural marvel of Mughal and Rajasthani style which is a must visit. Lastly, The Clock Tower stands tall amidst the bustling streets representing the medieval times.

South India


Image courtesy: www.thrillophilia.com

Bheemeshwari is located around 100 km away from Bangalore is amidst three waterfalls. This small town has become a favored getaway for fishing enthusiasts. There are multiple fishing camps located in close proximity. There are a number of Nature Camps in Bheemeshwari through which you can take a tour of the jungle that has animals like deer, jackals, leopards, bears, boars, crocodiles and a large number of bird species. Other activities include trekking in the deep forest, zip lining, coracle rides and a lot more.


Tea gardens everywhere
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Yelagiri is a hill station that is a backpackers’ paradise. It is located equidistant from Bangalore and Chennai (200 km). The Yelagiri village is surrounded by orchards, rose gardens and green valleys. The view from the summit of the highest point in Yelagiri is Swamimalai Hill. The view from the peak is spectacular and has become a famous trekking spot. Another very popular attraction is the artificial Yelagiri Lake that has a boathouse and a park around it. Yelagiri also has an adventure club called Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association (YASA) that organizes adventure sports such as paragliding. Additionally, for nature lovers, there is a Natural Park and Government Herbal & Fruit Farm Observatory.

East India


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Digha is a small beach town located in West Bengal. Digha is known for its completely spick and span beaches and is not affected by tourism making it ideal for a game of volleyball or sunbathing. You can also go horse riding along the beach to capture the magnificent views of the sea. Additionally, the calm seawater make it safe for swimming. Digha is also known for its seashell made ornaments, hand-woven mats and cashew nuts that one can buy from the Digha market. Lastly, don’t forget to feast on the fish in one of the shacks on the beach.


Image courtesy: www.wikipedia.org

Bishnupur is known for its magnificent terracotta temples that were constructed by the Malla rulers in the 17th Century. The magnificent architecture of these temples is what attracts many tourists to Bishnupur. Additionally, there are some breathtaking handicrafts that one can buy as gifts. Other attracts in Bishnupur include a visit to Bishnupur Museum and Keibul Lamjao National Park.

We hope you will take a break this Diwali and venture out to some of these beautiful places all over India. In case you need help with more weekend getaways and booking hotels and transport, simply message your personal assistant. Don’t have the app yet? Oh, come on! Get Haptik by simply clicking on this link. Whether it’s planning your weekend getaway or offloading any other tasks; get it done over chat. Simplify your lives! 😉