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This post is written by Aliasger Mukadam, an Expert at Haptik.

I would never have imagined that one day I’d work at a tech startup. I was just another 27 year old CA aspirant, working and studying to get ahead of all the usual monotony in life. And even though I had kept my choices open and been good at taking the right choices at the right times, doing CA wasn’t exactly my best. Well, the thing about choices is that they are never right or wrong, they are just choices you take to become who you are today. And I am glad I took this one two months back.


An Expert, that’s a big word. Sounds like quite a responsibility when it’s in your designation. Was I really one? I had to find out.

I started with working part-time, just for the little extra income and the sense of satisfaction that came with helping others. A ‘Haptik Expert’ had a nice ring to it. A community developer of sorts. Answering queries, solving problems. Now interestingly, that is something I’ve always been good at – problem solving, getting answers, researching anything that needed better rationale.

Also, technology was a fascination long before accounting happened. Literally since the first Deskpro computer my dad got me, which had a 10Gb hard disk IDE, 128 MB Ram and 866 Mhz processor running Windows 98 & Prince of Persia.

So now, I was in the best of both worlds. Solving problems in an environment filled with Tech Junkies while doing something fairly exciting. But what exactly was I doing? What do us experts do? To put it simply, we make conversation. Helping users with information on products and services is what the linkedin profile would read, but in reality we are really just messaging, experiencing the art of making conversation. That was the most exciting thing about Haptik: it’s Human Interface. We could, and we do, represent the brand by being ourselves.

It was around two months ago that I had stumbled upon this productivity app called Haptik. As my curious self would have it, I knew everything I could know about it in the next few hours. And it seemed like a good idea. This wasn’t the first time that I looked at an app and thought ‘Hey, That’s a great idea..’ , but what intrigued me was the way Haptik worked… It made problem solving and troubleshooting seem like a breeze rather than a chore. This was convenient, hassle-free, and literally *screech like a little girl* exciting. The Tony Stark in me had found his J.A.R.V.I.S.

But then, I still wonder how I came to doing this… Leaving behind, a lets say better paying job, the apparent prestige that comes along with Accountancy and Auditing in your designation and most importantly leaving behind the years of hard work spent in cracking those excruciating CA exams. But the truth is as much as I enjoyed doing CA, it was just run-of-the-mill. Nothing new, nothing intriguing and as far away from exciting as it could possibly be.

On the other hand, The Tech Space in India is a rage today and it’s also probably the best space to work in because everything here is a tizzy. Haptik just reiterates that notion. It’s inspired, it’s growing fast, and it’s filled with crazy people who are obsessed with the idea of World Domination. Google once started with just a single web page & one kickass algorithm. Somebody on the way surely called them whack jobs, but there was no stopping them. At Haptik, the same energy is palpable. In my two months here, I have felt liberated and I encourage other people to come feel the same sense of exhilaration thats so prevalent in this industry and company.

In hindsight, life at Haptik was worth burning that bridge, and while I switch back to my expert mode and tend to some very interesting conversations, it’s your time to think if you’d like to join me on this side of the fence. If you’re considering it, write to us at careers@haptik.co

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