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Donate Clothes, Deliver Smiles

Folks! You might not believe this, but you’ve got the stuff good deeds are made of. How so, you ask? That beautiful white dress you wore once and forgot about.. Those shorts you immediately grew out of and put aside.. The blue sweater you once loved, but now it’s in a corner gathering dust, because …

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Going Behind The Wheel

At your Doorstep. Outside your office. In the middle of a road. After a raging night. Having Driver on Demand means that you can have a driver at your disposal anywhere, anytime – no matter where you’re headed. Having a Driver on Demand means that even if you’re known to plan your days well in …

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Introducing Train Bookings on Haptik

Don’t you just love the IRCTC booking procedure? Especially the part where you’ve to call, cry and say “Mummy ticket ka page load nahi ho raha. Flight se aa jaun?” 😀 Okay. We we’ll try and keep the jokes aside for now. Before we started writing this post, we wanted to get out there and …

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