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How To Make A Winning Move in the App Business

Your ideal Saturday morning would begin with breakfast in bed. Some me-time. Some browsing through social media. You would probably even spend considerable time planning the rest of your weekend. That was NOT the case however this past Saturday, 12th of November, where Haptik along with BranchMetrics, co-hosted and organized a meetup targeted at Mobile …

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Donate Clothes, Deliver Smiles

Folks! You might not believe this, but you’ve got the stuff good deeds are made of. How so, you ask? That beautiful white dress you wore once and forgot about.. Those shorts you immediately grew out of and put aside.. The blue sweater you once loved, but now it’s in a corner gathering dust, because …

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Experiences at Haptik

“I work with this startup …”

Every time you hear someone say those words, you either subconsciously frown, or perk up and bombard the poor guy with questions. And sometimes if you’re the enthusiastic young man that you are, you also decide the poor guy needs a reality check and go on to disregard the entire existence of his ‘apparent organisation.’ …

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Going Behind The Wheel

At your Doorstep. Outside your office. In the middle of a road. After a raging night. Having Driver on Demand means that you can have a driver at your disposal anywhere, anytime – no matter where you’re headed. Having a Driver on Demand means that even if you’re known to plan your days well in …

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