Industry Viewpoint

The state of chatbot market in India in 2017

Chatbots, which began as a fairly unknown niche concept in technology, are now turning into a necessity for mainstream businesses. Read more about all of this in our detailed chatbot market report, right here. Globally, the chatbot market has seen explosive growth since 2015, growing at 35 percent CAGR. Reports estimate $8 billion in annual …

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Experiences at Haptik

2 Years Later

16th of April: Two years to this day I joined Haptik as a Software engineer, not having the faintest idea of what I’ll be doing here or for how long. I remember being perplexed when I first entered the older Haptik Office. This “company” had 5 full time employees and the office wouldn’t fit more than …

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App Services

5 Ways To Stay Fit & Healthy In A Busy Lifestyle

Social media, digital devices, work, socializing, fast-food are things that take away a large chunk of our everyday life. While we keep reading a lot of articles on healthy living and overall wellness online, little do these articles transform into a practice that we inculcate into our daily lives. We see the article, we want …

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