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Perhaps I Am Stronger Than I Think

This post is written by Nithee Nayak, an assistant at Haptik.

Let me tell you a story, a story of Reeta Pal. A young woman who has never been to school. She learnt a few English words from the kids at her place of work where she did their laundry, their dishes and cleaning their house. Married off at the age of 19, her husband was working in the steel club (Rourkela Steel Plant). She had her first baby one year after marriage and when she was 9 months pregnant with her second child, a tragic morning she got the news of her husband’s death in a road accident. She delivered a baby girl 15 days later.

This story is also about how Haptik has changed the lives of two people for good. One would be me, and the second is Reeta’s, my moms maid’s daughter.

Life was never easy for Reeta even up until that point, but this marked an all new struggle. Even though she got a job on her husband’s behalf the pay wasn’t enough to support an ailing father-in-law & two growing kids. She still carried on, determined, without as much as shedding a tear. She visited mom once in a year maybe, and she was managing all of this not ever having to ask for money.

But in the last few years, we got to know that she was herself on medication all year round. First it was TB, then it was said she might have cancer. She was on all kinds of medication, with very minimal healthcare facilities. In this entire process, she even lost her hair to therapy. A few months back I happened to visit Rourkela for a function, which was held at the same club where Reeta worked (she calls it fate & her goodluck.) I called her, and said I wanted to met. When I did see her, she just brokedown, crying all of a sudden. I had always known Reeta to be extremely strong, and everything next was coming as a shock. She said she had a lot of money issues and is not able to work as much as before because of her health there by not getting paid well. Her older kid was in class 9 and wanted to study further, at least clear his boards before leaving studies. Reeta supported him, but was finding it difficult to manage.

I told her I’ll take care of the fees, I wanted to help her but she was adamant because I wasn’t working myself then. She didn’t want to ask me. I told her, I would figure something and work it out. Now she gets my salary every month all of which goes to funding the education of her kids.

And how Haptik helped me? Well, it was a boon for me to.

Previously employed with CTS (Cognizant) I had to leave the job, post marriage. Life seemed very dull without a 9-5 routine! I tried my hands in freelancing & blogs but somehow these things didn’t work out. It never gave me the feel of working in a corporate world that I was used to and I didn’t feel like I was learning anymore! After hearing Reeta’s story I started looking for a job frantically when I came across an ad in Sheroes about Haptik! I applied and am now a Haptikan! Just working always gave me immense pleasure, and now working to make sure Reeta’s children get proper education is a bigger motivator to strive harder & do better.

Moreover, I don’t crib anymore about me being wasting my life in the kitchen, and doing anything lesser than my corporate friends! Also, I do know my husband, my mom and my friends do thank Haptik secretly!

What does Haptik pay me? It pays for the school fees of 2 kids who would have never got proper education if not for this opportunity! I love facing real time issues, talking to so many people from the comfort of my home and broadening my outlook every passing day! What more could I have asked for? I love working at Haptik – for the fulfillment, love & respect it’s giving me.

I decided to write and dedicate this post to Reeta and the brave woman that she is. Her will has made me a stronger person, and I am hoping this will inspire many others who have faced hardships in life 🙂

6 thoughts on “Perhaps I Am Stronger Than I Think”

  1. I think great humans only can donate whatever they earn, you are inspired me as well others., very proud of you Nithee …

  2. If only people who write such stories could be really good people and not with a nasty mind, the world would really become a better place! Ms. Writer, please be a real good person, then such stories would become really worth reading!!

  3. This indeed is a work of inspiration.
    Proud to be a Haptik user.

    Keep it up Nithee.

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