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How We ‘Spread the Love’ This Valentine’s Day

As the whole world was out celebrating their love this Valentine’s Day, our HR/Admin team had an entirely different plan for us Haptikans. Deciding to ‘Spread the Love‘ on their own, our team from Haptik ended up spending their Valentine’s Day in two homes – one for the disabled and another for orphaned girls and engage their residents with a day filled with love, fun and smiles 🙂

‘Spread the Love‘ was Haptik’s very first social venture this year. And we couldn’t have asked for a better day to start off. The response we received from our employees within the office and those from all over the country was overwhelming. The team had asked Haptikans everywhere to make donations in kind, towards the two Non-profit organizations. To be honest, we didn’t expect much to start with, as we only had 7 days to put everything in place. But thanks to the tremendous response, there were all kinds of goods pouring in.


On 14th Feb, our team visited the two organizations – namely Shanti Daan, a home for the physically and mentally challenged in Borivali, and Ankur Children’s Home, a home for orphaned girls on Mira Road. Each of the organizations had their own charm and here’s how the team visiting the organizations narrate their experience and the impact this initiative had on each of them as individuals –

At Shanti Daan, most of the inmates were on wheelchairs and a few were bedridden, however they all had smiles on their faces. They kept calling out to us and shook hands with us. The Brother running the institute showed us around and even took us to the workshop where they make candles and cards.


The first thought some of us had when we were at Shanti Daan was – who would abandon these lovely people in their time of need? Which is when we realized – it’s easy to play the blame game; however, it is not easy to care for someone who you don’t know how to help in a proper way. We’d therefore like to highlight that homes like Shanti Daan are equipped to love and care for those often ignored but forever a precious part of our society.


Ankur, being a children’s home on the other hand was very vibrant and filled with energy. A natural tendency for us is to feel sad for the less fortunate, but they don’t need our sympathy. All they need is a little bit of empathy and a feeling of being genuinely cared for. More than us making an impact on them, we believe the children at Ankur had an impact on us.


They were happy. Happier than most of us today. We crib about the little things that we think are going wrong with our lives, but with so much going on in their own lives they are happy and open minded. We ourselves take long to connect with people or reach a point to have a decent conversation with someone new, but they were so warm and positive that they managed to strike a rapport almost immediately.”

What we mainly did with this endeavour of ours, was help these organizations provide for the ones they love and care for, however what they did for us in return was that they reminded us of how blessed we truly are.

Organizations like Shaanti Daan and Ankur are the ones trying to create a better society, and ensures that everybody is loved in their own way. And we are glad that they let Haptik be a small part of their huge attempt to make this world a better place.

We definitely redefined the meaning of celebrating Valentine’s Day and we’re hoping this is just the very beginning 🙂

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