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A Smarter Way To Travel


As glorious as it is often portrayed, travel often involves multiple tedious aspects that need to be tackled one by one, which requires a lot of effort and patience. Technology in many ways has been a boon to mankind, with smartphones and apps reducing the amount of effort and the time taken to complete these mundane tasks significantly.

Leveraging various machine learning algorithms and our proprietary technology, we have been actively working towards enhancing your travel experience by making it absolutely hassle-free.

Here are some of the awesome features that we have built out over the past couple of months, that are aimed at making travel really smooth and tension-free for you –


As your favourite personal assistant, we took it upon ourselves to ease the burden on your pocket by finding the cheapest tickets for you, by default.

We took it one step further by guaranteeing cheapest domestic flights, with no convenience fees or hidden charges. If you somehow find a flight cheaper anywhere else on the web, we will give you 100% cash back on the difference amount.*


Web check-in is one of those mundane tasks that you have to take care of before hand to avoid unnecessary wastage of time at the airport. Once your ticket is booked, we intuitively send across a notification once the check-in window opens up to take care of the job for you.

Even if you don’t book your ticket through Haptik, you can just upload an image of your ticket and we’ll do the rest. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


You probably already have a lot on your plate, with packing and planning for your trip to taking care of everything around. Considering the uncertainty of flights at times, we keep a tab on your flight timings providing you with 24*7 assistance on your flight status.


Though exploring a new destination sounds dreamy, it might not exactly be that in reality. With language acting as a barrier or alien roads leading to nowhere, it’s easy to get lost in a new place. In such times, you can reach out to your trusted assistant to guide you to the closest wifi spots, nearby ATMs or bank, stations, medical store, salon, gym, hospital, night clubs, and so much more. Could it BE any better?


We are a generation of people used to hailing cabs with a tap on our phones. Now you can book an Ola/Uber or schedule a ride for a later time, with just a message without having to worry about the peak pricing. If there’s an additional peak pricing on your cab ride, we will immediately credit 100% of the difference amount as cashback (up to Rs.100) into your Haptik Wallet.*

In this exhaustingly busy world, simplify your life with Haptik!

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