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Haptik 3.0: Simplifying Design

Haptik 3.0 is not just going to be about new features, it’s going to be reinvention and pulling together an experience that’ll blow your mind. In our previous two blogs, we introduced tasks and actionable messaging and spoke about the effort we’ve put into make interacting and communicating through Haptik easier.  While these are additive features designed to make the Haptik experience flawless, another big change we’ve made in Haptik 3.0 is to simplify the design.

Over the last few months, we made multiple design tweaks to the interface studying the way our users were interacting with the app; and the more we learnt, the more we realised the need to streamline their journey. For us, the subtraction was adding up & that’s why our design philosophy with Haptik 3.0 was to trim the fat. Disentangle, yet make the experience so much more complete.

Good UX for us, is the user spending the least amount of time on the app, yet getting things done. Making the interface so dead simple, that a user doesn’t have to scroll, think or navigate his way through. Present him with something that’s basic yet brilliant. In design, when you master the less, you, conquer the more.

This one’s going to be a sure shot head turner, but for now all we can leave you with is: Less Is More 😉

Stay Tuned. Haptik 3.0 is coming, it’s coming sooner than you think… It’s coming later this week! #AheadOfTheGame

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