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Second To None – Where It All Started

31st of March, 2014:

It was this day in 2014 when I was furiously sending out Press Releases, speaking to the media without as much as blinking. It was the day Haptik went live, and at the agency we were going bonkers trying to create a “buzz” around the launch of a chat-based app. I had barely imagined what I was setting myself up for…

I vaguely remember hearing from Aakrit the next day, telling us how everybody in the company had a sleepless night, taking chats because of the Press we had managed to garner. To him that response was overwhelming. To me, his phone call was. Hearing that “they had a sleepless night” was oddly satisfying, and still is. If you ask me, that’s where it all started…

Cut to: 31st of March, 2015.

I had moved to Haptik internally as an employee handling Marketing & PR. The thrill of having the entire company in a tizzy because of downloads coming in, was still very very oddly satisfying, just that… this time around I was in the room to witness the madness.

But 31st of March, 2015 had a lot more to it. A massive campaign of delivering goodies to our most loyal users across the country, along with organizing just the most raging office party. Haptik turned One, and we didn’t want the celebrations to stop. We were young, and we were wild. See for yourself:



And this one’s my favorite.


31st of March, 2016:

Which brings us to today, as Haptik turns two.
I write this surrounded by a bunch of the craziest people I’ve ever had to “share a room” with. From working “wherever we found space” to now being in a sleek office (with a loaded pantry + security), we have come a long, loooong way. 2 years back, on the 31st of March, 2014 I would have never imagined being here. A lot has changed since, but one things’ remained constant and that, is the thrill of going out there and telling the world about what we do at Haptik.

And sitting here, I can see this fab bunch of people smile, chatter, furiously code or slide away gloriously on their chairs giving me more to talk about everyday.

Happy Birthday Haptik, you’re second to none!

Each year, 31st of March will always take me back to 2014 because evidently that’s where it all started 🙂

And last but not the least, the single biggest contributing factor to everything we have been able to do so far, has been our incredible user community who have not only encouraged us, but have also been our biggest functioning marketing engine. We are, because you are. So, a BIG THANK YOU for believing in us and helping us build Haptik. YOU are the reason our journey from 2014 to 2016 has been a fantastic one! To, many more! 🙂

If you’d like to wish us a Happy Birthday, just tweet to us at @hellohaptik with #HaptikTurnsTwo or #SecondToNone

*currently accepting gifts in cash, kind or downloads ;)*

 This post is written by Laksh Fomra, Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications at Haptik

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