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Say Hello to IRCTC on Haptik: Info & Help on PNR Status, Ticket Availability, Timings, and more

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that among other things handles their entire online ticketing operations. Their flagship online ticketing portal is the biggest e-commerce site in the country in terms of transaction volume. However, it has been infamously known as being one of the most unreliable, inefficient, ineffective and overall poor e-commerce websites around. To prove that point, here are some hilarious anecdotes that have been shared over the years,

“A lot of people think IRCTC’s tagline is ‘This Webpage is not available'”

“Mental disorder is 2nd most common cause of suicide in India. 1st is trying to book tickets on the IRCTC website.”

“Maybe I should start walking to my hometown rather than wait to log on to book a ticket on IRCTC”

“IRCTC = I Refuse Connectivity To Customer”


Earlier this week, IRCTC launched their next-gen e-ticketing system claiming to have a capacity to book 7,200 tickets per minute. That is indeed great news for all of us, but wouldn’t it be so convenient to not have to go the website at all? What if you could just send a text and get help? Yes, you got it: Haptik is joining the IRCTC revolution party. Starting today, you can now use Haptik to send a message to the “IRCTC” handle under the Travel category and get help related to ticket bookings, availability, PNR status, timings, and more! We are super excited about this, and we can sense you are too. No more long frustrating waits – just send a message and a Haptik expert will be there to help 🙂


Haptik is available in India on Google Play and the iOS App Store and currently supports close to 200 companies across 12 categories.