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10 Tips to Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

This post is written by Yash Saraf, Marketing Manager at Haptik.

My father’s Google Nexus’s battery life frequently does not last for the entire round trip duration of a 15 KM drive. Smartphones can do all kinds of cool stuff today but at the same time the battery life of these phones have always been a bummer.

So as Everyone’s Personal Assistant, we thought it’s only our responsibility to ensure your phone runs that extra mile. How else would you speak with us? 😉
In this post, I will give you some tips on how to improve your phone’s battery life and help it last longer.


1)    Turn off Auto-Brightness and manually set a lower brightness on your phone: Auto Brightness frequently sets the brightness of your phone to be more than you really need. Thus, set the brightness below 50%. If you feel the brightness is too low, switch off your phone and turn it back on. Now, you will barely notice any difference.

2)    See what applications are using the most battery life: Go to Settings and then Battery. You see a list of different applications that are consuming your phone’s battery. If you see an app or feature that you never use, it is better you turn off the feature.

3)    Turning off Communicative Functions when not in use: Even though, this seems dumb and simple, it really helps. Turn off things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and most importantly GPS/Location Services when you are not using them.

4)    Try and Use a Dark Color/Black Background on your Phone: A multi-colored background illuminates colored pixels on your phone that consumes more battery. However, a black background, illuminates only black pixels which will consume less battery.

5)    Switch your network to Flight Mode when you’re in low coverage areas: Flight Mode is a useful tool to use on ground level as well. If you’re in a low network area or you do not need to use your phone, switching your network to flight mode will lead to a considerable saving in battery life. When the phone is automatically searching for network in a low coverage area, this leads to a faster draining of the phone’s battery.

6)    Update and Download Apps only in Wi-Fi Mode: This method not only saves data usage but also helps improve your battery life. The updating of an average 75 MB file can drain up to 3-4% more of you battery if you’re doing it on 3G as compared to Wi-Fi.

7)    Manually Control Your Data Sync: You might have noticed how Android Phones are constantly syncing to your Google Account. This does mean that files are backed up on the phone. However, this drains your battery. Go on Settings and then Accounts and manually limit what syncs and doesn’t .

8)    Reduce Screen Timeout: One of the largest battery hoggers is quite obviously leaving the screen display on for too long. Reducing the screen timeout will conserve battery life of your phone. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and reduce it to the lowest possible time.

9)    Turn Off Phone Vibration: Phone Vibration consumes battery! Even though, the ringer of the phone can be annoying, turning off vibration can really help you conserve battery on a busy day.

10)  Get an extra battery/portable charger: A spare battery can always help on a busy day when you’re fighting with your phone to make it last longer! Other options will be to carry a portable case charger/solar charger  which will definitely help you in times of need.

Hoping these 10 things really help you maximize your battery life and keep you connected to the rest of the world. In case you still have further queries, simply ask your personal assistant on the Haptik App :).. We presume you already have the app, don’t you? Because if you don’t, you need it to get things done on chat. Simplify your lives & outsource your work to us! Click here to download now!

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