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Save The Date: 31.03.14

The last couple of months for all of us here at Haptik have been a period of learning. Understanding what you want, the pain points, usage behavior on Device Help, problems faced by companies, call centers, etc. just a tonne of information retrieval. Based upon such insights from thousands of consumers, hundreds of industry professionals, and ultimately our personal ambition to have a better way to get help with companies, we are excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the flagship Haptik app in India. It will be available starting 31.03.14 on Google Play and the iTunes App store. You can sign up on the new Haptik website, which also launches today, to get notified when its live and we will send you an SMS with the download link.


What is Haptik?

It is a smartphone app to chat with company experts to get support, information, concierge and anything else for their products and services. Think WhatsApp, but instead between you and a company expert.

Who am I talking to? Who are these experts?

You are talking to Haptik experts, people who have worked with these companies before or have used their products extensively to know what they are saying. Some of them are directly employed by us, while others work as volunteers because they want to help and share their knowledge. You are not directly talking to these companies, but instead people who know them inside out and can help you in a better way.

What about response times?

The average response time to each message received is going to be between 1 to 4 minutes. We have collaborated with enough experts to handle any kind of load we receive on launch day, and will staff up over time as needed.

What types of companies can I get help for?

Almost all that matter. We are going to support over 200 national brands on launch day across the following categories, and will be adding more over time.

  • Airlines
  • Banking
  • Consumer Electronics & Appliances
  • Cable/DTH
  • Fast Food & Delivery (national chains only)
  • Heath & Wellness
  • Insurance
  • Online/E-Commerce
  • Retail (national brands only)
  • Wireless & Telecom

How is all of this totally free?

Haptik and all related services will be completely free, and we don’t have plans to charge users any time soon. Our business model down the line will be through some form of advertising, and by helping companies directly connect with their users.

Availability Details

It will be available starting 31.03.14 in India only on Google Play and the iTunes App stores. You can sign up on the Haptik website to get notified when its live, we will send you an SMS with the download link.

Do let us know if you have questions/thoughts/feedback over the next few weeks as we get ready for prime time. And please do help spread the word to make others lives easier too.

Looking forward.

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