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Let’s Football: Introducing The Official Mumbai City FC Channel on Haptik

The post is written by Laksh Fomra, Sr. Manager, Marketing at Haptik

Our promise as Everyone’s Personal Assistant has always been to simplify and unbundle our users lives, so they can tend to the finer more important things in life. We’ve always looked at creating a singular platform that solves all needs, in the most convenient fashion and today we are taking a step which just exemplifies that notion of ours.

The desi football revelry is back with Season 2 of the Indian Super League, and this time around all of us at Haptik wanted to be more than just fans cheering from the sidelines. We thought it was about time Sporting Clubs had Personal Assistants for their fans too, and we decided to infuse that culture beginning right at home, in Aamchi Mumbai.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Mumbai City FC as the club’s Official Personal Assistant, possibly creating the most convenient sports engagement channel EVER on chat. Now for all things Mumbai City FC, all you need to do is send your assistant a simple message on Haptik.

Haptik - MCFC Announcement

Interestingly, this is the first time in the world where a sporting club and chat app have partnered to engage with their fans and users. And unlike any other integration, this one opens up a completely new universe for sporting franchises and mega live events, as they can give their followers a one-stop destination that’s all encompassing, in a single app.

Being sports fans ourselves, we’ve always wanted a channel to talk about our favorite clubs and we are extremely proud to finally offer that!

Users can now Book Tickets, Get Match Schedules, Player Information & Profiles, Important News Updates, Live Score Updates, Expert Opinion on Games and a lot more, all over chat on the Mumbai City FC Channel within the app.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, this might just be reason enough to hit Install. Click here to get Haptik and enter the magical world of having your own assistant. Hell! Even Sporting Clubs have one now 😉

One City. One Heartbeat. One Assistant! Let’s Football? 😀

P.S: The Mumbai City FC Channel goes live on the app, on the 3rd of October. Until then, we are pretty sure you’ll find us useful for a bunch of other stuff.

P.P.S: Also keep watching this space, because through the ISL Season we have some amazing surprises in store for you. Just keep talking to the hand & pray that Mumbai wins a lot of games.

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