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Meet The New Haptik: Ahead Of The Game

This post has been written by Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO of Haptik.

“Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself” – Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla, SpaceX

Haptik as a company is now exactly 2 years old. However, the idea was first generated at some point in 2012, so Swapan and I have been thinking of the problem space for a long time now. All along, there have been a few key philosophies the company has been built on:

  • In today’s world of crowded mobile apps and so much noise, how could we make people’s lives easier? On the desktop web, the answer was a search query and a few clicks away. But on mobile, with the screen size and nature of disparate apps, this is not possible
  • Messaging is the most natural user interface on mobile. More than 75% of our time is spent inside messaging apps, because the asynchronous nature makes it the most convenient channel of communication since the telephone itself
  • Everyone loves getting help from other people to get stuff done. Call it human nature or psychology, but we are all inherently lazy people with short attention spans. “There is so much going on, I have no time”, is pretty much life’s biggest problem. We don’t have the time and patience to research different options, yet when a craving or problem arises, you want it answered immediately.

When we launched back in March last year, we were one of only 2 companies in the world (the other being TalkTo, acquired by Path in late 2014) that had a similar thesis. Given we were practically innovating an industry, the core DNA of the company has always been to carefully understand what users are doing and what they want. So, we have been constantly changing and evolving the service to ensure it meets user demands.

We started out with helping you with customer support issues, and then at the start of this year moved to a broader spectrum of being a full service mobile assistant. Given the overwhelming positive feedback on this move, we doubled down in May to enhance the personal assistant experience. And now today, I am very excited to present to you the next and most exciting step in this evolution – Haptik 3.0: Everyone’s Personal Assistant.

“The evolution of knowledge is towards simplicity, not complexity” – L. Ron Hubbard, Father of Scientology

The New Inbox with Channels

Haptik 3.0 is the most simple, efficient and beautiful version of the app in the history of the company. It only has 2 screens! The home screen, shown above, is your traditional Inbox that has a list of permanent “channels”. Tapping a channel takes you to the conversation screen, shown below.

Type Less, Do More

As you can see, the channels have a set of preloaded tasks below the message bar. These are the most common tasks for those channels, so you can just tap, send the message, give us some information, and we will get it done for you right away. Think about how you would use a real life personal assistant:

  1. You would call him
  2. Tell him: “I want to get this done”
  3. Assistant would respond: “Okay, sure. What are your preferences?”
  4. You: “Blah blah blah is how I’d like to get it done”
  5. Assistant: “Okay got it. Give me some time and I’ll get it done for you.”

This is truly what we refer to as outsourcing your headache. And this is the exact same experience we have tried to replicate with Haptik 3.0. There are a tonne of more new features and changes, but what’s the fun if I tell you about them here? Haptik 3.0 is live on both the respective App Stores (Android & iOS), so download/update now to check it out for yourself.

Welcome to the future, again.

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