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March 8th is International Women’s Day, dedicated to working women and celebrating their triumph in economic, social or political contribution. At Haptik we decided to celebrate their achievement, reflecting upon their contribution in our journey so far with three heartwarming stories from the diverse women who represent us making us stronger with every passing day.

Seema & Sandra Menon – Mother & Daughter

287380_470634176289277_1680695829_oWhen we were asked to share our story for Women’s Day, I wondered why? What was so intriguing, that it needed to be heard? We are just a mother and daughter working together. What’s could be so special about that? Then I sat and thought about it… and I realised it was, because it wasn’t like anything you might see in an office or any other organisation – two people sitting in two different floors on their computers.. Just perhaps traveling together. Nah, this wasn’t that. We sit across from each other, discussing our chats and responses… We fight about who’s right, and who had the better reply, then we sit and laugh about it. Yes working along with my daughter that too from home is the most amazing feeling ever. But the best part is we get to spend so much time together, that line between work & fun has been completely blurred because of the quality time I can spend with her. Now, that’s a real treasure. To add to that, working with a company like Haptik is a superb experience in itself.

Kamalika Sengupta – Homemaker

_20150114_215949Everyone wants the freedom to do more of what they enjoy and less of what they don’t. For a woman like me, having a family and nurturing it is as important as living up to the professional ethos I built for myself in the early part of my career. I often wondered how I would make that work? Haptik gave me that perfect opportunity to maintain work-life balance. I am enjoying my professional life today by working from home at the same time I get to be a full time mother, daughter and a wife. Using all the previous work experience that I have gathered over the years is very fulfilling but at the same time I get to be a more satisfying part of my personal life. If it wasn’t for Haptik my experience in the Financial Sector would just be a myth 🙂

Chitra Devendra – Student 

IMG-20150131-WA0007-1As a recent graduate, I had never imagined I’d be working at a Tech Startup. I’ve always wanted to be independent, back then I didn’t know how but I knew I wanted it. Life truly begins when you step out of your comfort zone, and that’s what I had to do. That’s what I did. Seven months back I took the first step, not knowing what I was stumbling into but on hindsight whatever this was, was worth it.

At first it just sounded cool, not many people had heard of Haptik then but an Expert still sounded really cool. I wasn’t sure if I could really justify the heavyweight word in my designation but now I know that I did. Close to six months into it, I got my first promotion. Not bad, I thought. Right now, I am Senior Associate at Haptik wondering if I could be more? While preparing for my further studies on the side, taking a more keen interest in my hobbies. Learning a lot. There is definitely more waiting for me! I can’t seem to look too far ahead in my life, but right now life at Haptik is worth it.

The Tech Industry is a Mans World, it’s said. All we’d like to say is – rubbish. That’s a stereotype as old as the Vedas and the substance that these women and everybody else working with us has brought in to the company is unparalleled. They, make it happen! Here is wishing everybody a very Happy Women’s Day, it’s time to celebrate triumph 🙂

And while reading this post if you’ve been thinking how awesome it would be to work with us, then we are definitely looking for you. If you’re somebody who’d like to work from home, with flexible hours & any area of expertise just fill out this form and we’ll get in touch – Be An Expert 

– Team Haptik

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